San Diego concrete resurfacing

Concrete is one of the most durable materials used in the flooring industry. With that being said, concrete is not invincible. Time, weather and abuse can cause damages on your concrete floor such as cracks, dents and chips. Traditionally, a damaged concrete surface is removed and replaced; however, this need not be the case. If your concrete floor is sound, does not have severe cracks, and is not damaged by freeze/thaw cycles, then your concrete is suitable for concrete resurfacing. San Diego concrete resurfacing is only a fraction of the price compared to removal and replacement of existing concrete floors.

Steps in San Diego Concrete Resurfacing

Before a concrete floor can be resurfaced, it needs to be prepared. Preparation begins with power-washing the concrete floor to remove dirt and grease. This step will allow the resurfacing material to effectively adhere to the concrete. Next, cracks, dents, and pits are filled and smoothed out. Once dry, the resurfacing material is poured onto the concrete and evenly spread along the length and width of the floor. Because the resurfacing material will dry and harden, it is necessary to work quickly and decisively. If the concrete floor is large, it can be partitioned into smaller sections and each section resurfaced separately. Lastly, a non-slip finish is applied with a concrete broom. If it is hot, a mist of water is necessary for proper curing of the resurfaced concrete layer. Typically, your newly resurfaced concrete floor can be used in 24 hours.

Floor Covering Specialist Inc is pleased to offer San Diego homes and businesses the opportunity to have their concrete floors resurfaced. San Diego concrete resurfacing is affordable and will brighten the appearance of your concrete floors. With 16 years experience in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, we are the San Diego concrete resurfacing experts. Please contact us at (858) 568-3195 or by email for further information and a free estimate.