San Diego epoxy flooring

Floor Covering Specialists Inc is pleased to offer epoxy flooring to residential, commercial and industrial properties. Epoxy flooring is a floor surface composed of layers and layers of epoxy. These layers are applied to your floors rendering them strong, durable, and in some cases, quite decorative. Epoxy itself is a mixture of resins and hardeners which form chemical bonds making the epoxy resistant to deterioration and damage. The chemical bonds in epoxy adhere to your floors to make long-lasting layers which protect against stains, moisture, oils, grease, and more. San Diego epoxy flooring can withstand heavy traffic in your home and in your industry.

Types of San Diego Epoxy Flooring

Floor Covering Specialists inc makes their own special blend of resins and hardeners to create the best flooring possible. Along with strength and durability, other components can be added into the mix to give epoxy flooring anti-slip or anti-static qualities, the latter being important in areas with sensitive equipment. Epoxy floors can be made decorative and attractive by adding flaked chips, quartz sand, or other elements to give it texture, color, and style. Imagine your home or establishment with flooring that is both attractive and strong enough to withstand the demands of commercial enterprises!

Whether you want heavy-duty San Diego epoxy flooring for your warehouse or a light-weight epoxy for your kitchen, Floor Covering Specialist has the perfect floor coating for you. With our own brand of chemicals and in-house technologies, we are the floor covering experts of San Diego. Don’t settle with ugly flooring because our creative flooring solutions will bring beauty and strength to your floors. We service industrial, commercial, and residential establishments including apartments and office buildings. With 16 years experience in the floor covering industry, we are confident you will be satisfied with our workmanship and products. Call us at (858) 568-3195 or send us email.