San Diego stained concrete

Concrete flooring need not be gray or boring in appearance. With stained concrete, your floors will acquire luxurious colors and patterns similar to that of polished marble, natural stone, or tanned leather. Staining concrete is a common procedure for walkways, patios, indoor flooring, and for vertical surfaces such as walls and fireplace panelling.

San Diego Stained Concrete Enhances Appearance

Staining concrete is a permanent procedure which cannot be reversed nor does it fade over time or due to weather. The process involves using either acid-based chemical stains or water-based acrylic stains. In both cases, the stain is applied to the concrete where it permeates through the surface and reacts with the components within the concrete itself. Acid-based stains tend to generate earth-tones such as tans, browns and shades of terra cotta. Water-based stains offer a wider range of colors and opacities ranging from blacks/white to metallic tints.

Staining concrete does not hide existing imperfections, it does not fix cracks, nor does it mask the original color of the concrete. Because the staining process requires that the chemical stains penetrate into the concrete, this process is not suitable for surfaces which are heavily stained with grease, sealants, or dirt. In this respect, staining concrete is similar to staining wood: it enhances the appearance by adding coloration and texture but it does not “paint over” the original appearance.

Here at Floor Covering Specialist Inc we are pleased to offer residents and business owners San Diego stained concrete stained concrete as a way to bring out the beauty in your floors. Whether you want to spruce up a staff common room, beautify a family room, or bring a bit of life to a dreary concrete floor, we can help! Please call us at (858) 568-3195 for a free estimate or send us email for more information and pricing.

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