San Diego Stamped Concrete stamped concrete

For those who are looking for attractive and affordable flooring that is durable and strong, consider stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is concrete flooring that has been colored and textured to have the appearance of flagstone, brick and natural stone. Builders and construction companies have been using stamped concrete since the 1950’s but with continued development in the industry, we can now offer concrete floors of a variety of colors and textures including those that simulate the look of wood and tile.

San Diego Stamped Concrete Colors and Patterns

At Floor Covering Specialists Inc, we use concrete that has been dyed with a base color which complements your existing decor. If needed, additional colors are added to the concrete to give details such as grout, edging, and textures. Before the concrete solidifies completely, it is stamped with molds or templates to give the surface a distinct shape and pattern. Most concrete stamps replicate typical building materials such as stone, slate, tile, brick, wood, and flagstone. Common patterns include hexagonal tiles, running bond (brick road), and weaved basket. San Diego stamped concrete is a very popular style of flooring because concrete is more affordable compared to its real counterparts, thus the ability to have the concrete modified to appear like stone and tile is a win-win solution.

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